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This website has been developed to help provide you with more information about your condition. Whether it's you, or a loved one, we understand what it's like to suffer - pain in your bottom is not something that we are used to feeling and, as a consequence, can cause a lot of worries which may be difficult to talk about.

There are many conditions that can affect the rectum or the anus (the end of the bowel where it meets the skin at the bottom). One such condition is where a small tear or ulcer (open sore) develops in the skin around the anus - this is called an anal fissure. Read on to find out whether this is something that may be affecting you.
  Are you suffering from one or more of the following?


Severe and sharp anal pain which always occurs when you go to the toilet (pass stools/faeces).
A deep burning pain that persists for several hours after you go to the toilet (pass stools/faeces).

Bleeding may occur when you go to the toilet (pass stools/faeces).
Normally a small amount of bright red blood on your stools or toilet paper.

If you answered yes to one or more of these, you may have a condition called anal fissure.

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